Out the Box Bakery

It is truly lovin' from the oven

Sweet potato and pumpkin pies are desert traditions with our family. The mixing of sweet spices, farm grown sweet potatoes/pumpkins, and talented cuisine preparation makes our pies a must to compliment your holiday meals or for you to enjoy anytime. Now taste the delicious combination of Dorothy Mae's pie dough with two our family's favorite fillings.It is truly lov'en from the oven.

Out The Box Cherry Pie for only 17.00

Out The Box Apple Pie for only 17.00

Out The Box Pumpkin Pie for only 17.00

Out The Box Sweet Potato Pie for only 17.00

Bakery Specials

New Orleans Style Pralines! Smooth and creamey 1/2 pound

Heavenly Hash! Chocolate indulgence 1-pound