Welcome to New Breed Companies Web Presence. The Site is a natural extension of our commitment to our clients. It gives them even more access in real-time to the services that New Breed Provides.

New Breed Companies was created as a service company that offers the following services

The section of the site provides customers access to vacation deals and the ability to acquire time at vacation resorts it has acquired. Customers will be able to view resort and its amenities then select/request vacation time at these resorts. Once a selection is made we will respond within 72 hours with vacation date availability. Customers will then view then view their resort package price and respond within 24 hours, and make a non-refndable deposit of $99.00 (money is refundable only if vacations time is not available). Once the resort is confirmed the full balance will be charged and a confirmation will be sent to the customer. This resort package price with deposit is non refundable after confirmation however can be resold and advertised on our website as customer cancellation resort package sales (we will not be involved in any resale’s on the sale, but customers contact information will be available).earlier than you expect.

This section of the site gives customers the ability to aquire the Asset management and consulting services of New Breed Companies and Investment LLC is involved in for it own asset portfolio for a fee of $199.00 per year. Customer will view asset management projects (i.e. New Breed Investments is currently acquiring a 44-unit apartment complex seeking minimum 12% net profit margin and 12% return on capital invested), and holding in its portfolios (i.e. New Breed Companies has purchased shares of Nokia, GE, QLT and sold shares of HBC).